Ethical standards

The journal follows the majority of standards and guidelines provided by COPE.

The journal’s ethical practice and policy is adapted from those published on the pages of EDP OPEN.

Conditions for submission of a manuscript

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work has not been published and is not submitted for publication anywhere else. Publication must be approved by all Authors.

Peer Reviewing

All manuscripts submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed by a minimum of two independent Reviewers from the Editorial Review Board of the journal. The Reviewers are informed of the necessity to keep the manuscript confidential before acceptance and publication, and their identity will not be disclosed to the Authors. Based on the recommendations of the Reviewers, the Editorial Board decides whether the manuscript is:

  1. Accepted without modifications
  2. Accepted, after modifications (depending on a second peer reviewing)
  3. Rejected

The Editor-in-chief has full authority for acceptance/rejection of the submitted manuscripts. Persons with a conflict of interest towards a submitted manuscript shall declare it and be withdrawn from the peer reviewing of this particular manuscript.

Policies for publication of errata and for article retraction

Despite careful peer reviewing and article production, situations might occur where errata should be published or articles retracted.